Electric bikes or E-Bikes are looked like small bicycles along with powerful motors.

E-Bikes need a battery to charge regularly. Before knowing about the facts to choose E-bikes Let’s have a look at their uses: 

  • E-bikes are used for bike touring. It a joy that every bicycle lover wants to enjoy.
  • E-bikes are good for health and fitness. you can enjoy fresh air which cheers up your mood.
  • E-bikes are particularly Road and mountain bikes which are also used for racing.

Are you curious about its trending facts? What are the reasons for choosing Electric bikes?

Here are some trending facts that lay something bare about electric bikes:

1. Easy to Ride:

Electric bikes make riding easier for all-mountain bike lovers. E-Bikes are of two types:

One is Peddle Assist, which starts with the pedal movement of the bike, and the other one having a Power Button, which riders have to press before starting pedaling.

E-bikes are heavier than a normal bicycle because it includes battery and a motor. It is also good and safe for mountain riders.

An E-bike instead of a motor vehicle will save money in the long run. Petrol and diesel are costly in most countries, and occasional price surges can really impact the budget.

While with E-bikes, people can buy affordable batteries which can last them 18-50 miles after a full charge depending on the level of assistance they use.

Now the question arises

How E-bikes are easy to ride?

There are four main factors of electric bikes due to these factors e-bikes are different from another mode of transport:

Benefits of  having an electric bike

2. Go Green with E-Bikes:

Many riders want an eco-friendly environment for riding. Electric bikes use motor they are free from fuel.

They are full of environment friendly this mode of transportation is using zero gas or diesel.

E-bikes not containing any dangerous smoke & chemicals. This makes E-bike a great way to go green.

All-electric vehicles are environment friendly such as electric cars, electric scooters, etc.

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Go Green with electriuc bike

  Go Green with an electric bike

3. Improve Physical & Mental Health:

  1. E-Bikes are good for physical and mental health.
  2. Riding on E-bikes is a joy and a feeling of pleasure.
  3. It makes the mood happier and helps in removing tension and stress.
  4. It also helps in improving depression and other challenging mental health problems.
  5. Regular biking also improves sleep habits and other related issues.

The weight of the electric bikes is 50 pounds i.e. 23 kgs approx.

It also contains an illuminated LCD, cycle computer, and wattage display which is good for our physical health.

E-bike riding is also a social activity in which you are going to meet your friends and enjoying together.

4. Laws for E-bikes:

An E-bike rider must be aware of “All the traffic rules”.

According to Indian law, All-electric vehicles have ARAI(Automotive Research Association of India) approval.

Powerful vehicles need to go through this testing but certain electric bikes fall exempt from this type of approval. Reasons are:

  • One or more electric vehicle with power less than 250W
  • Maximum speed less than 25kmph.

E-bike complying with the regulations given above says that there is no need for a driving license, no insurance, or a helmet.

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5. Future of E-bike:

  • The electric bike is the fastest growing mode of transport. There is a big future for E-Bikes ahead.
  • lithium-ion battery costs have dropped 87% between 2010 and 2019
  • Many countries in Southeast Asia took the lead in using E-bikes as a sustainable mode of transportation, and with the continuous rise of urban air pollution, there is a big future for E-bikes.

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