Two wheeler riding is really enjoyable and exciting but it is possible only when you take all essential safety precautions. Many Two wheeler accidents, loss of lives, and injuries due to accidents can be avoided by seriously following all safety measures. Take note of few two wheeler riding tips from iB Motors for your safe driving experience.

1. Obey All Safety Traffic Rules

  • Never jump traffic signals and always follow traffic rules strictly.
  • Always give some space on your left for vehicles that might turn left.
  • Avoid rash riding while driving two-wheelers it can be risky for your life.
  • Always use the mirror to view traffic behind you. It is best and safe for you.
  • Never do zig-zag driving and don’t try to do overtaking.
  • Never allow children below 18 years or very old people to drive.

2. Don’t Forget to Wear Protective Gear

Driving a two-wheeler is an amazing experience but you should care about your safety first.
Before going for a ride you should wear a helmet first. This is most important because it protects your head (which is an important part of your body) from any injury in case of an accident.
The second important riding gear is the pair of gloves which provides additional protection to fingers, knuckles, and palms.
It is highly suggested to wear face and eye protection apparel as well as leather or full sleeve jackets, long pants, and over ankle closed-toe boots to save yourself while driving.

3. Do not ride without a helmet

Always use ISI quality branded helmets not local helmets for your safety
Wearing a helmet is compulsory by law, but many people avoid wearing helmets in the short distance like markets especially, this is unsafe because an accident can happen anytime and there is a true saying that
“precaution is better than a cause”
So don’t skip this, before starting your two-wheeler always wear a helmet, and keep a helmet for pillion too if you are not driving alone.

4. Check Your Vehicle Condition Before Riding

The most important point in the list of two riding tips, always ensure few things about your two-wheeler before going for a trip:
Check your vehicle tire pressure, brakes, indicator lights, headlights, horns, rearview mirrors if they are all okay.
Your two wheeler tires and tube both should be in good condition.
When riding electric vehicles, ensure its battery is properly charged otherwise you can face trouble mid way.
If you have an old discharge battery replace it. Check your vehicle spark plugs properly.

Two wheeler riding tips for safe driving experience

Two wheeler riding tips for safe driving experience

5. Stay Alert All the Time Also Look Before Turning

Be careful and alert while driving. Always keep your mind active. Stop overthinking while driving because it can divert your mind and it can be dangerous for you as well as other vehicles on your side.
Always check your left and right before turning. Take care of the footpath because it is not for a vehicle it is for people who walk on the footpath.
Always give some space to vehicles while stopping at traffic lights to avoid the collision.
Always switching on your indicator light before turning to your left or right.

6. More Safety in Poor Weather Conditions

During bad weather condition avoid using two-wheeler, but if there is an emergency do a safe two wheeler driving.
During rainy seasons roads are very slippery and waterlogged. You should take extra precautions in such situations. Drive slowly in waterlogged roads as there could be potholes due to which you can be imbalanced or fall. Keep a close watch on such bad roads and avoid driving during the night, it can be risky.
At night use headlights on and keep to your left and watch out the potholes very carefully.

The Okinawa praise gets good insulation which makes it compatible with the rainy conditions. However, if the water level is on the higher side the scooter cut off the battery current to save itself from the short circuit. For purchasing and getting more knowledge about this scooter you can visit

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7. Must Buy Two-wheeler Insurance

Two-wheeler insurance is mandatory in India. It is an insurance policy that provides financial protection to your two-wheeler. It insured your two wheeler against any damage caused by accidents, natural disasters, any serious incidents, or any theft. For more knowledge about insurance you can read Two wheeler insurance .

What are the benefits of two wheeler insurance?

  • You can get a cashless repair of your vehicle.
  • If you do not avail of any claim you can get “No claim bonus”.
  • You can also use add-on services.
  • Your own damage is also covered under insurance.

Concluding Two Wheeler Riding Tips With a Note

Your life is precious, if you don’t know ho much, then ask your loved ones. We cannot prevent the things that are not in our control, but we must follow the things that we can do. Driving safely and taking all the safety measures is one of them. By following the above mentioned two wheeler riding tips, you an reduce the possibility of any unwanted happening on the roads. Take care.